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At Lucie Zen Real Estate, we value community building and the well-being of the tenants who either rent directly from us, or landlords who trust us to handle their rental management, who also share similar standards and values such as being ethical, respectful, flexible and community building as Lucie Zen Real Estate.


Also, find out about the exciting rewards for our renters, and landlords for being our valued clients!


This Residential Rental Agency Form & Agreement is intended for all landlords from all countries. The rules and guidelines of the working relationship between the Real Estate Agent and the Landlord / Property Owner applied by Lucie Zen Real Estate are in accordance with the regulator British Columbia Financial Services in Canada. These rules and guidelines are explicitly outlined in the Residential Agent Form & Agreement when we proceed to sign the working agreement. For quick references, they are also available for PREVIEW 1, 2, 3 (click to preview) . 

TENANT RENTAL APPLICATION FORM - for landlords who would like a standard form without drafting one personally.

RESIDENTIAL TENANCY AGREEMENT (click to open) - British Columbia: Here's an official government approved and legal copy of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. If you don't feel like drafting your own, tenants and landlords alike, you're welcome to download and use this form, everything's up to standards, official and proper, updated by the British Columbia provincial government.

*The Residential Rental Agency Form & Agreement will be reviewed and signed at a later date once Landlords have submitted basic information about the rental properties.

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