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If you're unable to visit these properties in person, we can always arrange a VIDEO TOUR at a time that works for you.

RELOCATION: more than real estate

At LUCIE ZEN REAL ESTATE, we provide relocation as a SERVICE, that's more than just finding you a property, close the deal, get paid and say byebye. Our relocation service package is a holistic approach to likeminded INTERNATIONAL CITIZENS who are either COMING INTO CANADA or GOING OUT OF CANADA to settle down in other parts of the world for various reasons. 

We interact largely with CORPORATE CLIENTS with our relocation service. However, we are also dipping into the market of growing small to medium sized coporations and companies that's on their way of GOING GLOBAL. 

REDMA - Real Estate Development Marketing Act British Columbia

You may ask: what does a British Columbia, Canadian government policy has to do with OVERSEAS real estate? WELL, the answer is MANY FOLDS, but here's the condensed version: 

Like many other regions/countries in the world, governments exercise protectionism to protect the country's local business and economy, REDMA limits and restricts the PRESENCE and ADVERTISING of the development units (not yet built) by non-Canadian builders and developers whom and whose properties are located OUTSIDE of Canada. SO, this explains why you don't see many foreign properties being advertised in Canada. Well just because you don't see them due to limits and restriction imposed externally, doesn't mean they don't exist, THEY DO EXIST ABUNDANTLY. 

As much as we are unable to display foreign PRESALE / DEVELOPMENT properties on our Canadian based business and website HERE, we remain in CLOSE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS with MANY OVERSEAS real estate companies such as RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Century 21 to name a few, as well as developers and builders.  CONTACT US and let us give you an intro. 

This said, there is NO RESTRICTION on promoting RESALE of properties from overseas, so please check out the LONG LIST of RESALE properties we have to offer! 


Differences between doing real estate in Asia and Canada definitely exist, the question is - EXACTLY HOW DIFFERENT?

There are some nuances and intricacies that the general public may not be able to find by simply doing a Google Search. To give yourself room and the preparation to embrace onto your real estate transaction in Asia, Lucie Zen Real Estate strongly encourage you to book an appointment with us to let us give you an initial and general presentation, and for you to ask any particular questions you may have. 


If you're considering investing in Asia, Lucie Zen Real Estate can most definitely be of great help. We will show you:


- the realistic situation of what it is like to be owning a property in Asia;

- return on investment amount and ratio using real properties and examples;

- and many more.

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