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WEEKLY Updates of OPEN HOUSES that are either HOSTED by LUCIE ZEN REAL ESTATE or carefully SELECTED according to our standards.

OPEN HOUSES often take place during the WEEKENDS around 2 PM - 4 PM or 10 AM - 12 PM.

If you're interested in viewing in person, please SIGN UP to the ones you'll be attending, so your attendance will be accounted for (so that we can prepare enough refreshments for everyone), and we will keep you updated on status of the property, offers and final sold price if you're interested in knowing.

If you're working with LUCIE ZEN REAL ESTATE as a BUYER, please tell Seller Agent LUCIE ZEN is your Agent, so Seller Agent knows who is assisting you in purchasing your property(ies), and to contact us to discuss your transaction(s).

Feel free to show Seller Agent(s) my virtual business card, if they need clarifications about your BUYER AGENT.

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