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Thank you for choosing Lucie Zen Real Estate for all your real estate services. 

I'm a dynamic Real Estate Broker who has an abundant amount of experiences in all facets of life. My life experiences shaped my approach to conduct my profession in a holistic manner. As a true international citizen, I assist my clients to analyze the global markets and local markets to make intelligent and long-range sustainable decisions in both personal investments, as well as commercial investments. My goal is to assist my clients to create a thriving international lifestyle of abundance and joy!

Languages Serviced: English, French Français, Chinese 中文, Mandarin 普通话, Cantonese 粤语, Thai ภาษาไทย, Russian русский

British Columbia Real Estate Broker License #183424

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My Bio

I was a young Canadian immigrant of Chinese origin. I have been a lucky beneficiary who has been nurtured by the best of all worlds. The privilege of having grown up and lived my adult life as an international citizen fostered me to gain a unique understanding and perspectives of the world, wealth, humanity and wellness of life. Having said this, I have gone through my fair share of life's ups and downs, from which I learned many life lessons, such as life is not a straight line - it is a tapestry, humility, compassion and leading life in a holistic manner. Doctor Brian Weiss, Doctor Charles Stanley and Doctor Raymond Moody are three of my favourite authors from whom I learned to navigate life holistically by reading their books. Of course one of a few rare righteous and strong female role models I learn from is the legendary Tina Turner. You will find me relaxing by doing yoga, meditation, swimming, skating, skiing or hiking in beautiful national parks in Canada or other locations in other parts of the world!

In Canada, I split my time between Vancouver and Toronto - two of my favourite metropolitans in the world. 


I am an avid world traveler, I travel for the food, the culture, the beautiful designs and architectures of ancient and modern, as well as the humanity I find in all peoples across the globe. My travels also help me establish businesses and professional connections that generate personal and commercial investments and beautiful homes for my clients. 

As a Canada based real estate broker, I assist local Canadians, as well as recent immigrants find their homes and commercial business properties in Canada. On the other hand, I also assist Canadians and fellow Americans with relocation, residential home and commercial property transactions overseas utilizing my unique international experiences and local knowledge of cities, policies & regulations around the world.

Education & Work Experience



Pitt Meadows Secondary School - British Columbia

High School Education.

University of Toronto 

Honours Bachelor Degree of Arts and Humanities.

University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business

Real Estate Trading Services - Real Estate Broker.

Annual on-going professional upgrades.

Moss and Lam Studio

Project Management.

Project, Studio and Office Administration.

Client Liaising with global business partners.

Financial Management. 

Clients include: Tiffany, Peninsula Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Lane Crawford Shanghai & Beijing, AIR CANADA & many more.

City of Toronto - Children's Services Division

Assisted with administration of federal and provincial level fundings to city-wide child-care operators.

Assisted with collaboration of various short-term projects that involves cross-divisional efforts with Division of City Planning, Division of Financial Services, Division of Health, for example.

Global Affairs Canada joint Belgian Non Profit Organization

Charitable activities in promoting local and regional business, economic and technological development and growth in the Philippines.

Lucie Zen Real Estate - Real Estate Broker Advisor / Business Owner

Assisting homeowners and business operators with their residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Locations span from Canada, USA, Asia, Europe and counting.



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