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International Referral Network

Providing Everything You Need Wherever You Need

The international referral program is intended to send our appreciation and gratitude to people who bring in businesses to Lucie Zen Real Estate. No matter where you are located in the world, you are welcome to refer businesses to us, we will make sure to get the referral fees to you. 

This is also an opportunity for us to introduce the networks we have around the world, so Buyers, Sellers, Landlords & Investors can count on us no matter where you choose to engage in real estate transactions. 

Referrals of real estate transactions within Canada and outside of Canada are both welcomed and appreciated.

NOTE: the rewards specified below are applicable to CANADIAN real estate transactions closed out in CANADA only, unless otherwise explicitly specified.

Example: if you live in France (or anywhere outside of Canada), you refer a friend who's closing out a Canadian real estate transaction in Canada with Lucie Zen Real Estate, you are eligible to receive the referral money.


For every successful and completed transaction from the individual/group you referred to Lucie Zen Real Estate (and closed out by Lucie Zen Real Estate), we will send you a reward to thank you for referring the business to us.


The basic reward dollar amount for each:

  • RESIDENTIAL transaction starts from $300; and it goes up depending on a multitude of factors. Lucie Zen Real Estate withholds the final rights and discretion to decide the actual reward amount for each transaction, with $300 being the minimum amount for a RESIDENTIAL real estate transaction;

  • COMMERCIAL transaction starts from $500; and it goes up depending on a multitude of factors. Lucie Zen Real Estate withholds the final rights and discretion to decide the actual reward amount for each transaction, with $500 being the minimum amount for a COMMERCIAL real estate transaction.


We have a few options how rewards are forwarded to you. Be it financial dollar amount, or an equivalent gift(s) (we can provide purchase receipts when it is in the form of gifts), we are happy to work with you to get the reward to you somehow. 

Identity verification will be checked when dispersing rewards so make sure to register with your legal First and Last Name!

For real estate client confidentiality and privacy, it is upon you (the referee) and the client (the referred individual/group) to make the agreement and arrangement whether or not to discuss details (such as financial details of the client, or the real estate transaction amount) the said referred client are to disclose and share with you. Rest assured that Lucie Zen Real Estate will not disclose or divulge our clients' financial information or the final sold or bought transaction amount to the referee under any circumstance, as it is part of the ethical business procedure we are committed to, as well as the legally binding client and Realtor working contract that holds us as a professional to this standard to protect our clients' privacy and confidentiality. However, should such financial information to be in the public domain where the referee could gain access to publicly, no amount of responsibility will be held by Lucie Zen Real Estate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lucie Zen Real Estate is not responsible for any accounting of the rewards received by the recipient. How to manage or account for the rewards you received is the sole responsibility of the recipient; for specific details on how to account for the rewards received, please consult your accountant or lawyer.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Please ensure to sign up using your legal first and last name, as referee identification will be verified at the time of dispersing the referral fees. 







You'll receive a confirmation email from Lucie Zen Real Estate as proof that a referral from you was received.


You'll receive the referral fee once referred client's transaction is completed.

Refer a Family/Friend/Coworker

Make a referral and start enjoying our exclusive and generous referral rewards! 

Yes, multiple referrals of different individuals/groups which will prompt a separate and independent transaction are allowed.


Are You an International Professional?

Are you, or someone you know relocating to Canada for work, retirement or study? Are you or someone you know moving from Ontario to British Columbia or vice versa? You can count on Lucie Zen Real Estate to assist you in your real estate transactions during this relocation process. You will also be connected with any related professionals to assist you in your relocation process, such as a trusted and efficient moving company should you need assistance in these related areas too.

Are you or someone you know relocating out of Canada? We have business partners and professional networks in major cities around the world. Contact us to let us help you connect to a professional in the location you are expanding to. Services range from local real estate transactions, local business purchases, legal enquiries with local lawyers or financial enquiries with local accountants and many more.

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