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What to Look for When Purchasing a Property (Condo/Single Family House) ?

I often ask my clients to prepare a Wish List for the ideal property they are looking to purchase next, after all, you're spending a major amount of money on a piece of commodity that's both highly valuable financially but also sentimentally.

There are a million points and items to check and inspect during the process of examining the many available options of properties that MAY fit everything you wish for on that Wish List. Do you have them all covered?

We're here to help you to ensure that you have majority (if not all) of the bases covered, if you are unsure whether you are missing something or not.

BOOK A CONSULTATION with us, let us help you brainstorm, and walk through some industry standard key points to watch out for while deciding on your next property. We will lend you a critical eye from a professional perspective.

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