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Vertical Space MATTERS!

In light of some recent developers trying to save cost and jam in more units into a building, well, that creates more disgruntle British Columbians, have you thought of that? Would you like to feel like you're unable to breathe constantly living in a depressed space?

Lucie Zen Real Estate really champions quality of life, and quality living, quality of life FOR EVERYONE, we do not wish to see British Columbia and especially Vancouver to be stuck in this vicious cycle, and we see what's going on, so we WILL say something about it.

Vancouver could be great. Vancouver has so much potential, please stop messing it up. It's going to change now.

Why get stuck in Vancouver's depressed condos while I can easily live comfortably AND HAPPILY in one of the old world countries? At least my quality of life and happiness is much higher.

Keep in mind currently all the positive population growth comes from immigration, NOT any domestic local reasons of local borns. You tell me what does this mean? Not gonna spell it out here but you get the idea.

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