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Thailand Bangkok's New Real Estate Foreign Buyer Advantage Program

As of early 2023, Thailand, and specifically in the city of Bangkok (yes, predominantly in the city of Bangkok, and a few very selected cities, unfortunately Phuket is not one of them), has opened up its advantageous program to foreign buyers.

The main point of the program is: foreign buyers now can purchase LAND in Bangkok without doing it by establishing a Thai company the foreign buyer owns; foreign buyers can now buy LAND as an independent INDIVIDUAL (not through a Thai company the individual owns anymore as traditionally was the case).

This is a limited time offer only, we do not know exactly how long the program will last as of now. This is Thailand/Bangkok's effort to stimulate its economy and cash flow post-pandemic.

Rules of foreigner purchases of already built properties in Thailand stays the same. Another article coming on explaining the intricacies around this type of purchase soon. Stay tuned. Stay blessed.

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