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Strata Strata Strata!

Alright, really, there are so many pros and cons about strata buildings and ownership. You could live your vertical dream life but at the same time, you have to worry about your neighbours and participating in and getting involved in strata council and management of common areas of the building. If you're lucky you get a GREAT strata management company, but if you're NOT... well... you're really stuck with something there, unless you proactively seek out new and better operated and more holistic strata management companies to replace your current one.

DISCLOSURE: NO monetary value or any sort of conflict of interest relationship exist between me, my business and the following strata management company I am highlighting. I am highlighting this particular one right now as I have read through many strata minutes from different strata corporations, and dealt with a dozen of strata management companies myself for the real estate trading activities when helping my clients sell and buy properties, and it so happens that based on the properties that I have been dealing with, they somehow seem to be predominantly managed by this company, as of late, at least. Please consult professional and expert advice from your lawyers or accountants when choosing an appropriate strata management company, this article is only for reference purpose only, we are not responsible for any unintended consequences or results should anyone tried out the products/services we talk about here.

STRATA WEST is the one I have been referring to. This is a truly up and coming younger, but experienced, holistic and optimistically helpful strata management company I've seen amongst many other older and more "established" (but perhaps too busy to care about your "small deal" strata matters put forth by owners/residents and strata councils, so failed to be in anyway practically helpful, and you know the drill, sometimes when people get too "popular" they lose respect or care of anyone around them who they actually are out to help and serve in the first place and as the basis of a useful, moral and ethical business operation, because they are "dizzy by success or popularity", so they carry themselves around you as if they and their business are above you - the owners/residents they are paid to help and serve).

A practically helpful business in general, put out useful information for their clients or the public in general to help them in an area that they really need help with. They don't only brag about how big, how established, or how successful they are themselves while not putting any useful info out there to ACTUALLY help with real issues. Talking about that, here's an article published by STRATA WEST in hope to assist condo owners:

Anyhow! PRACTICALLY HELPFUL STRATA MANAGEMENT COMPANY, HAPPY OWNERS/RESIDENTS, HAPPY VANCOUVER! unhelpful strata management companies, angry owners/residents, unhappy vancouver. Simple. A holistically full circle.

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