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Strata Council (Election) Fraud: How does it impact you & your property?

Updated: 6 hours ago

Whether you believe it or not, it does exist. Sounds familiar?

As most of us are busy getting through our day to day life, most of us - the unsuspecting public - may completely miss the red flags of many obvious yet suspicious behaviours and activities that's hidden in plain sight, in the context of strata council election (fraud).

As the way it has been so far, the strata council election and its operational process is at best minimalist. On top of this, what are some of the methods in place currently that we can scrutinise to ensure the process is even followed in a fair and legitimate manner?

How many auditing professionals are there out there from each condo building we have to spare to actually review the process to see if things are administered fairly and legitimately by the real estate and related professionals who are supposed to be doing this properly in the first place?

Most of the time, one of a few negative consequences is that a few regular bad and wrong people are sitting on your strata council for years on end, reaping all the profits (monetary and other intangible benefits) to themselves and the people who they favour either within the building and/or from outside the building. While completely neglecting the units and strata owners whom they dislike personally for whatever prejudices they developed within themselves due to their own personal and characteristic issues and perhaps mental insanity, which I highly recommend them to seek proper help.

Strata council election fraud impact many more areas of the whole strata property management life cycle that is not discussed here in this article. Certainly though, it is not a stand alone issue. The trades people that are involved in strata management, the relationships amongst the trades people, the owners of the companies, and the owners of the strata management companies, the need to declare conflict of interest amongst these parties if and when they are being employed by a strata management company, and/or strata council of a strata corporation. Especially, when these individuals are not being fair or equal to the people they for whatever reason dislike.

More on this later on.

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