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Strata Condo Common Areas Maintenance

Seen many strata condo buildings in the Greater Vancouver Area. Both from myself as an industry professional and from the Buyer clients I've worked with so far, we agree on this one thing: some of the strata condo buildings' common areas are DATED, look much older than the private strata units themselves. Yes, it's a common complaint from myself and also from some of my Buyer clients.

It IS a turn off, Buyers DO evaluate strata condo buildings' common areas and take them into consideration when deciding which property to purchase.

There could be a few reasons why this is the case, this article is only skimming on the surface on them, as more in-depth evaluation has to come from another type of industry professionals who specialize in this type of statistical and financial evaluation. The few reasons though, could be 1. strata council members and/or strata owners of the building do not really care for maintaining the aesthetics of the common areas OR 2. the budget/finances of the strata operating funds is not healthy enough to carry out any known and/or planned maintenance to keep up the appearance for the common areas.

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