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SELLER Final NET Sale Price Calculator

How much would you - as a SELLER - like to net pocket clean from the final sale price of your property(ies) for sale?

Seller Net Final Sale Price means the final dollar amount Sellers get with agent commissions and applicable taxes already taken into consideration.


A property is listed for sale at $1,600,000 CAD or above

MINUS - Total Gross Commissions (based on industry standard commission rates)

MINUS - Applicable Government Taxes

= SELLER NET FINAL SALE PRICE (an amount lower than $1,600,000 CAD)

How much would YOU as a Seller like to NET from your recent sale of property(ies)?

Use the data sheet below to enter some basic info about your property(ies) for sale.

We will send you the breakdown of the calculated fees and amounts with our specialized industry calculator:

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