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Removes Age and Rental Restrictions to Strata Title Properties BC Government

Delivering you all the Good News: BC Government Removes Age and Rental Restrictions to Strata Title Properties !!

"On November 24, 2022, the BC Government passed amendments to the Strata Property Act which take immediate effect. There are two significant changes impacting REALTORS® dealing with strata properties, as well as their clients:

  • all rental restriction bylaws are removed, except for bylaws restricting short-term rentals such as Airbnb or Vrbo, and

  • all age restriction bylaws are removed, with the exception of “seniors only” (55-plus) rules. This means that a strata will no longer be allowed to have 19-plus age restrictions. "

History and the economic cycle are repeating themselves, and henceforth these amazing new changes (quite frankly in my personal opinion should have taken place long ago, as they were highly ancient and out of date, plus being unnecessary) taking place!?

To help you understand the difference between Short-Term rentals vs. Non-Short-Term Rentals (I'm not labeling them as Long-Term Rentals at this point, as when this strata rule/bylaw was still in place, Long-Term Rentals were further distinguished into 6-month or 3-month Long-Term Rentals or not, yes, it was too minute in their definitions, I'm leaving it at that), here's what Short-Term rental means and includes as per the City of Vancouver bylaws:

To give you a very brief summary here if you don't want to go to that link, a Short-Term rental means rentals less than 30-consecutive rental days, but for further and additional definitions and stipulations, please check the texts on that link out, because quite frankly, I do think that the texts could be better written for clarity's sake, or the bylaws themselves could be further refined, as I don't think the bylaws themselves are in their own perfect condition.

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