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Property Shopping List - Home Buyer Shopping List

Are you a first time home buyer OR purchasing your first condo in British Columbia?

Did you know that there seems to be THOUSANDS of big and small things to check and inspect before making the decision to purchase, OR while negotiating an appropriate price with the Seller?

Usually, real estate agents highly recommend the use of a British Columbia licensed Home Inspector. However, this step of home inspection comes a little LATER in the process of a real estate transaction. This means, the Buyer and Seller would have already discussed, and did some amount of negotiation in terms of PURCHASE PRICE. At this point, the Buyer would have already viewed the property in person at least once, however, the visual inspection Buyers usually do during the beginning process usually cannot really reveal too much of any issues that's not easily and readily noticed by simple visual inspection, if any at all, and I promise you, this is not uncommon.

Where does this lead us to? This means, you had agreed to a price before an official and thorough inspection by a Home Inspector is done. Yes, there is definitely the possibility of re-negotiating price at a later stage, or re-negotiating the whole contract all over again.

However, if you would like to be prepared BEFORE agreeing to a price AND BEFORE an official inspection with a licensed Home Inspector at an earlier stage during the real estate transaction life cycle, we offer a comprehensive UNOFFICIAL checklist for Buyers to ask questions during open houses or private viewings that are COMMON to most properties and that go deeper and further than a simple visual inspection by an untrained individual (as opposed to a trained and licensed Home Inspector).

CONTACT US for a copy for the unofficial checklist!

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