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More Than Real Estate: BC Short Term Accommodation Act

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Note: this article is a work in progress, it may never reach completion any time soon. I feel silly to have to spend my time effort and energy to write about this article even.

A few key points:

- BC provincial government’s efforts in micromanaging short term and long term rentals and the hype and news around it is over the top; doesn’t the government have other efforts they can assert into other areas such as wage increases, various tax deductions and incentives, subsidies, financial assistance, fundings and specialized programs that the BC government can initiate and maintain in order to create and manage a balanced society? Why is it that the focus is narrowly targeting in a single industry - real estate - that makes up only one part of this grand scheme of thing called ECONOMY ? We need answers.

- How has the BC government been coming up with policies and regulations? What has been the processes? Has it been through any standard research, survey and vigorous rounds of public consultations, or simply word of mouth from uninformed aging grannies (cause I mean I have full appreciation and respect for Margaret Atwood) next door?

- BC needs to examine its own place in the world to ask itself: “What do I have to offer as a province to attract and retain top talents to improve BC?” Because you see, it has been proven that so far, the way things have been handled has not brought BC onto any competitive positions as a metropolitan in the world, comparing to many other world class provinces and cities. BRAIN DRAIN is real: why would smart, reasonable, talented growing Canadians want to live in a stale environment that provides no healthy competition or growth opportunities that help them feel alive during the most alive stages of their lives? So far, the backward and stagnant over protectionism in policies and regulations have promoted a sloth environment that is unhealthy for the emotional, mental or intellectual development of any individuals born or raised in BC, we can see this very obviously by examining and comparing us with similar groups of people in other parts of the world.

- The government and province of BC have repeatedly demonstrated its hostility and waging of unnecessary wars towards homeowners, home ownerships and property owners by implementing policies and regulations such as the Speculation and Vacancy Tax (and now this Short Term Accommodation Act), which the province itself stated that is not applicable to 99% of the home owners in the province of BC (YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT). Any elementary school students would and could ask then "why would a government implement a policy/regulation that itself knows and says is not applicable to 99% of the residents?". This leads people to think "Well, then, so it sounds like this government and province of BC really just have its own personal agenda (from whichever groups that's been sitting in the government), and have been running the province based on personal agendas, rather than what the residents of BC REALLY NEED AND WANT, by way of rigorous public consultations, like any normal and objective governments would do, because it's part of a regular and common process in public administration. We ask: "What's wrong with home ownership? What is the government and province of BC's problems with home owners and home ownership?" More than that, what is BC's problems with prosperity and a thriving province and city that is on a competitive level with all other modern day metropolitans around the world, given all are done in good faith? Get this straight, NOBODY would like to immigrate to a place just to be told that it's bad to own homes or properties (aka, it's bad to thrive and prosper), unless the province itself would like to remain uncompetitive on a world scale intentionally for whatever unspeakable secret agendas that may be unthinkable to speak of during day light.

- Any reasonable and sound minded individual cannot help but notice and ask: why is it that the government of BC is over scrutinizing a legitimate industry/sector (short term rentals or long term rentals) that causes far less harm than narcotics which were made legalized in Canada? No pun intended, might these the very same people who legalized narcotics that further paralyzed the society now in a paranoia state decided to shut down a normal economic activity while they should have shut down the narcotics they’ve legalized?

- That's right, the contradiction is this: the Government of BC would encourage, by allowing the existence and tradings of narcotics, the derogatory and deterioation of the scoiety; rather than allowing citizens and residents to invest their precious time and energy into positive, productive and meaningful activities such as operating SHORT TERM RENTAL accommodation that's been within the bounds of laws and the legal system, AND filling the gap of shortage of existing hospitality and hotel establishments that could not provide for at the price point that large amounts of patrons who have been currently using short-term accommodation providers for. For what? What's the difference between letting profits go into the hands of individual citizens, rather than the bigger corporations, waiting for larger hotels to be built so 10 years from now (as everyone knows how slow real progress gets in BC! except for randon government bans without proper public consultations) that these segments of patrons are still not able to access due to inherent budget and lifestyle conflicts? You tell me. More than this, BC does NOT alerady have a robust tourism or hospitality industry to stifle other players from participating in the tourism and hospitality industry, because there is no compeition to speak of in the first place.

- Living in BC has been a dysfunctional and dystopian reality for far too long, that's right, it has been like this for a long while, brain drain out of BC is not new, but it has reached a new height that it has become an INTERNATIONAL sensational laughing stock at this point, which is a real shame on BC itself.

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