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Is Your Privacy Protected?

As increasing number of people are rushing into the real estate industry, that means more access to and sharing of information about property ownership.

With my experience in the industry, I've seen seasoned real estate professionals and young and new real estate professionals alike, who pay less attention to their client's privacy by exposing their client's identity out in the open, either directly, or through industry loopholes that only very attentive professionals could catch - like Lucie Zen Real Estate.

If you're a client who are careful about who knows what property(ies) you own at where, and you want a real estate professional who would respect that consideration of yours during the transactional and administrative process, you would really want to either have a conversation with Lucie Zen Real Estate to know the ins and outs of what client confidentiality and privacy is all about when purchasing your next property(ies); OR you would really want to choose Lucie Zen to handle your next transaction(s), because WE CARE about our client's privacy and confidentiality, because after all, we understand that these are transactions of large monetary volume with high price tags, that are also very sensitive financial assets and information of a client's, and we handle them with CARE and RESPECT, and that is demonstrated through what we do within a real estate professional's ability to protect these aspects for our clients.

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