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To Central HVAC or Not to Central HVAC?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Well, while HVAC provides both heating and air conditioning to a building in a centralized and systemic manner, it is also at the same time expensive to build into the building and unit infrastructure and to maintain, for a residential strata building. If it's not built into the individual units properly, it is hard to access and maintain. If any one part of the internal system breaks down, the whole system needs to be examined in order to identify any one individual component, and this takes expert skills, which will incur an expensive cost to hire one for the owners of the units.

HVAC gets harder to maintain as the building ages. So, be ready to anticipate a hefty $$Special Levy$$ to REPLACE the old HVAC system, and to install a brand new one, AND, intrusive work done to each individual unit and common areas in order to complete this replacement work.

You never know when the HVAC system would break down, because it completely depends on the workmanship of the tradespeople who installed the HVAC, and the quality of the HVAC system and components themselves. They could break down as early as Year 5, 10, 20, on and on. I've seen loads EXPENSIVE and UNNECESSARY repair bills and at times legal fees to try to sue the contractor who did the work or the manufacturer who produced the HVAC from condo owners and strata councils.

For Vancouver, or British Columbia weather in general, air conditioning is not a must in the summer. A strong fan or an individual internal/external AC mounted unit would be just sufficient. For more ideas and details about what type of AC to get, visit this website:

This article is to help decrease the amount of disgruntle homeowners in British Columbia from the strata cost and air conditioning cooling functionality perspective.

My advice to the strata buildings and strata owners who are dealing with this issue right now, and who have already invested around $100,000 just to fix and maintain the components, SCRAP the HVAC system, stop using it, leave it where it is, use any kind of individual internal heating system and cooling system, you're throwing useless money into a bottomless pit continuing to pursue the HVAC.

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