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Let's get to know each other. We will find out your needs in your real estate transaction by conducting a video call via Zoom or Google Meet. We will also give you a brief intro to: A. what you can expect from a typical BC licensed Realtor according to the general and foundational requirements regulated by the real estate licensing authorities in BC. You're welcome to brief yourself by reading this Guide to Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services. The accompanying form to this Guide is available for download and review here: Your Relationship With a Real Estate Professional Form.

B. what you can expect from us as a unique real estate agent - Lucie Zen Real Estate distinctions - if you choose to work with us:

  • CLIENT ACCOUNT - exclusive features & content;


  • CONTRACTS, FORMS & DOCUMENTS - industry required;

  • OFFICIAL WORKING CONTRACT(S) - with Lucie Zen Real Estate;​​

  • CLIENT REWARD SYSTEM 🌟 - unique to Lucie Zen Real Estate.

You will receive your exclusive Client Account at the end of this step with the appropriate sample official working contract(s) and a few of the many features unlocked for you to review and consider.

At the end of Step 1, you will be able to make an informed decision of whether or not to be a client of Lucie Zen Real Estate.

STEP 2: FORMING AN OFFICIAL WORKING RELATIONSHIP & CLIENT CONTRACT Once we decided that we are a good fit after the initial consultation introduction, to form an official and legally binding working relationship:

This will be an industry standard form authorized by the British Columbia Financial Services Authority.

*For other types of real estate transactions (OVERSEAS, COMMERCIAL, RURAL&LAND OR BUSINESS BUY & SELL), more details and requirements will be discussed and provided separately. More features and functions from the Client Account will gradually all be unlocked to you after this step.

The exclusive Client Account will be extremely useful to help you keep track of and manage the entire real estate transaction process from beginning to end, so you can sleep well at night and not having to worry about updates or key timelines during the process.

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