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Fees & Benefits for both Sellers & Buyers in a Real Estate Transaction BC

These are the typical real estate transaction fees & benefits associated with each buy and sale of property. They are the norm, however, each individual's circumstance could be different depending on the individual's personal accounting and taxation circumstances.

For a more detailed and comprehensive explanation on each item listed below, please CONTACT US for a FREE consultation. Example: we will show you exactly how is Property Transfer Tax calculated, or the specific property value associated and required to be eligible for the New Home GST Rebates or Property Transfer Tax Exemptions.




Real Estate Agent Commission - both Seller Agent & Buyer Agent commission included

Buyers do not pay commission - $0

5% GST on the transaction commission paid

Property Transfer Tax


New Home GST Rebates

Property Transfer Tax Exemption: 1. First Time Home Buyer OR 2. Newly Built Home

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