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Emotional Support Animals & Strata Bylaws

Noticed I used "&" not "VS.", as I believe as many other things in life, many things/people can co-exist, and they are not mutually exclusive, one or the other kind of linear way of thinking, but rather a more multi-dimensional, all-encompassing and holistic way of thinking and living.

In light of the amount and degree of mental, emotional, spiritual illnesses which ultimately lead to manifestations of physical illnesses in our society (I'm well aware that this happens not only in British Columbia, Canada, but also across the globe, we do live in a globalized world, not in a vacuum anymore since probably at least 20 years ago) these days, I cannot help but beg to ASK: "Would our society be a better one and would our mental, emotional and spiritual health be better if we were given more flexibility with HOW we choose to live our lives given the already stringent economic and financial conditions that we are limited to live and operate in? Would we be more friendly towards each other if a pet or an emotional support animal can help decrease our level of stress, anxiety or depression?"

Money and rules are important, however, money and rules at the expense of the solid foundations of our health and society seems like a juvenile entertaining thought. Laws/bylaws and regulations are made for the protection of the people, and I believe at this stage in the evolution of our humanity, they are made also for the nourishment of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health from a more holistic perspective.

Anyhow, if you are living in a strata building that has limitations around pet ownership bylaws, AND you're going through an exceptionally disgruntle period of your life, you may find this case in this article helpful:

Wishing anyone who's going through a hard time in life a speedy recovery. Know that this is only a phase in your life (things will absolutely get better), and do whatever it takes to help yourself get to the Future Perfect State (whatever perfect means to you) ^_^. Trust, the bounce back is worth it the persistence and trying amidst the momentary and temporary struggle in between.

Cheers, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in 2023. Let's all have an amazingly positive one in this coming new year!

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