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Can I get mortgage lending to purchase real estate properties in other countries?

The absolute short answer is YES, YES, and YES.

If you are able to get some form of mortgage lending to be qualified to purchase a property in your home country such as Canada or Australia, there's a 99% chance that you can also buy a property in a country outside of your residence or citizenship by taking out a mortgage. NO MORE PAYING FOR A FOREIGN PROPERTY ALL AT ONCE WITH ALL CASH!! PHEW!

Now, it may not be from a financial institution that's from your home country where you reside in, or where you are from, HOWEVER, THERE ARE legitimate financial institutions that can help you with a mortgage loan to purchase a real estate property overseas.

CONTACT US - we can connect you to the right financial institution to assist in the process of purchasing a real estate property overseas. *NOTE: we will NOT get any sensitive personal and financial information from you to assist you about the mortgage lending, we will simply refer you to the financial institutions that we work with who are able to provide mortgage lending to overseas real estate purchases. HOWEVER, we DO require our clients to sign a Client-Agent Working Agreement which will be valid only if you are able to be approved by the lending financial institutions we refer you to; in other words, there will be a clause conditioning the validity of the Client-Agent Working Agreement, so that it can only be valid and legally binding when you have been approved for the mortgage loan from the lending financial institution. Sounds fair? To discuss about the Client-Agent Working Relationship Agreement, please book an appointment with us:

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